Ti Amo: Hanne Orstavik


A novel of incredible beauty and truth, filled with tenderness and grief, love and loneliness, Ti Amo explores the emotional world of a woman losing her new husband to cancer. Clear-eyed and unafraid of taboo, it asks how and for whom we can live, when the one we love best is about to die.

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The protagonist of Ti Amo is a woman who is in adeep and real, but relatively new relationship with a man from Milan. She hasmoved there, they have married, and they are close in every way. Then he isdiagnosed with cancer. It’s serious, but they try to go about their lives as bestthey can. But when the doctor tells the woman that her husband has less than ayear to live – without telling the husband – death comes between them. Sheknows it’s coming, but he doesn’t – and he doesn’t seem to want to know.   Ti Amo isan incredibly beautiful and harrowing novel, filled with tenderness and grief,love and loneliness. It delves into the complex emotions of bereavement, and inless than 100 pages manages to encapsulate an extraordinary scope and depth,asking how and for whom we can live, when the one we love best is about to die.

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