The Marvellous Doctors for Magical Creatures


Whilst most unicorns like sunshine and sparkles, Glitterbug the unicorn enjoys moody skies and storms. Ava’s doctor dads can’t work out what is giving Glitterbug a tummy ache, so she decides to investigate. An inclusive picture book celebrating kindness, friendship and being true to yourself.

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No magical creature has a problem too big for Ava and her Dads to solve!Unicorns with tummy trouble. Dragons with broken wings. Sneezy centaurs and mermaids with measles. Everyone in town knows just who to see when they are feeling poorly: Ava and her dads, the Marvellous Doctors for Magical Creatures.Well, Ava isn’t a doctor, not yet, but she’s learning the ropes and she’s brilliant at solving medical mysteries. Glitterbug the unicorn is not like all the other unicorns. They love dancing and planning parties, but she would much rather be frolicking in the mud. Glitterbug comes to the Marvellous Doctors with a terrible tummy ache, but after examining her, they are mystified as to what’s causing it. Can Ava help her dads find the answer?In this magical story about being true to yourself, Ava discovers there’s more than one way to be a unicorn!

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