Kofi and the Rap Battle Summer: Jeffrey Boakye


Kofi is a natural entrepreneur, and is always quick to spot a moneyspinner. But what he had overlooked is his best friend’s Kelvin’s amazing photographic memory – and the fact that he can remember every single line of a song he’s heard only once. The whole school is obsessed with music, and no one can ever quite make out the words of the songs, so Kofi spots a golden opportunity to sell a fanzine packed full of song lyrics. But it doesn’t make him popular with all the teachers, and along the way, he gets caught up in several false starts, a slot machine scam, and detention, again.

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Hilarious and full of heart. – A. M. Dassu
Will inspire a whole generation of music-lovers. – Rashmi Sirdeshpande
Fizzing with originality and energy. – Katya Balen

Kofi had an idea . . . one big lightning bolt of an idea that hit him like electricity. And all it needed was Kelvin’s incredible memory for words.

Kofi is used to stuff going wrong, he’s usually in detention or about to be. But when he finds out his best friend Kelvin has a photographic memory, he comes up with a genius money-making scheme. The whole school is obsessed with music, no one can ever make out the words, so the boys hit the jackpot selling a new fanzine full of song lyrics: PAPER JAM. It’s not long before one of the teacher’s tells Kofi: ‘You could be a real leader at this school, you know that?’ and . . . suddenly it’s turning out to be the best summer ever!

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