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There are lots of things in the world that need explaining! A new arrival in the house? Someone starting school? For everything from a house move to a sudden unexpected new emotion rearing its head, here are some of our go-to picture book recommendations for a host of new experiences.

Ready Steady School, by Marianne Dubuc

Pom doesn’t start school until next year, but too late – they’re already on their way! All their animal friends keep telling them about how great it all is, so they endeavour to spend the day exploring all their schools have to offer, from lunchtime over at the bear cubs’ cafeteria (The Honeypot) to naptime over at the sloth’s Snooze Shack. This is a big fun book to explore, lots going on on every page, mimicking the (semi-)controlled chaos of the school day!

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Wolfie the Bunny, by Ame Dyckman & Zachariah OHora

A relatable book if an alarming newborn has suddenly appeared in the house! Has everyone lost their minds? Isn’t Wolfie going to eat Dot and her entire family alive?? (Spoilers: nope).

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Mooncat and Me, by Lydia Corry

Pearl is upset about moving to a new house, and struggling to adjust to life in a new city and a new school… until Mooncat shows up at her window, “huge, fluffy and bright as the moon”! She invites her in for breakfast and before she knows it they are gallivanting around the city together. Sounds great!

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The Memory Tree, by Britta Teckentrup

Fox has lived a long life, but his story has come to its natural end. After his passing, Fox’s fellow woodland animals come to the snowy clearing to say goodbye and share their favourite stories about their friend. The Memory Tree is a gentle picture book with a simple but beautiful message about change.

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Barbara Throws a Wobbler, by Nadia Shireen

Barbara’s in one terrible grump, woken up on the wrong side of the bed, nothing’s going her way – in one atrocious mood that’s getting worse and worse! We’ve all been there… Until eventually the Wobbler appears above Barbara, looming over to her and talking back. Storysmith favourite Nadia Shireen tackles the Bad Mood Problem with her trademark hysterical storytelling style in a way that puts it all into perspective and makes you realise sometimes your bad moods are of your own creation…

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Me and My Fear, by Francesca Sanna

A relatable picture book which briefly covers a lot of ground (moving home, making friends, new schools, worries and anxiety) but it is mostly just a sweet story about realising that you’re not alone in your worries. Fear can stop you from doing things if it goes too big, but everyone has fear — big and small.

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Under the Love Umbrella, by Davina Bell

Under the Love Umbrella is our favourite picture book of its kind — but luckily there’s plenty to choose from when it comes to themes of love and acceptance! With effortlessly diverse representation throughout, this is a celebration of joy, love, friends, and family in all the forms they come in.

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