Yellowstone: Catherine Ard & Bianca Austria


There is a wilderness where waterfalls plunge down rocky cliffs, herds of bison graze on sweeping grasslands, and forests ring with the howls of wolves. A place where mud bubbles, springs steam, and water explodes from deep underground. People have been drawn to this landscape for thousands of years and now it’s your turn to explore – welcome to Yellowstone.

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A captivating illustrated introduction to Yellowstone National Park, the world’s oldest national park and one of the most intact ecosystems on the planet. For fans of Kate Siber’s National Parks of the USA.

“Illustrations throughout evoke the park’s natural beauty as well as the liveliness of its inhabitants and visitors, making it a place any reader will likely want to someday visit…A fact-filled exploration of one of the country’s most important natural wonders.”
-Kirkus Reviews

“There are thousands of years within the pages of this book (?) The illustrations make it feel like you’re walking alongside Bisen, splashing through rivers, or even spotting a bear (from a safe 300ft away!)”
-Emma Carlisle, creator of What Do You See When You Look at a Tree?

   “A lively and attractive introduction to the wonders of one of the world’s most famous National Parks.”
-Nicola Davies, author of One World: 24 Hours on Planet Earth

Encompassing more than 2 million acres of protected land, Yellowstone is home to a rich variety of wildlife including species like the grizzly bear, wolf, bison and wolverine. Readers will discover the rainbow waters of the Grand Prismatic Spring, the tallest geyser in the world and discover how life in the park survives in the depths of winter when there’s 20 feet of snow! Yellowstone also has strong indigenous cultural connections, with 27 tribes celebrating ties to the land, its wildlife and geography which the park has only recently begun to acknowledge and celebrate. This stunning illustrated guide is packed with incredible facts about Yellowstone’s wildlife, people, geography and history.

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