The Martins: David Foenkinos (signed)


A Parisian writer lacking inspiration finds the heroine of his next novel outside his apartment. Telling the story of octogenarian Madeleine and her family, he finds himself drawn deeper and deeper into their lives – with unexpected consequences.

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A disillusioned Parisian writer finds inspiration in the ordinary lives of his neighbours, the Martins.


‘A charming, clever book’ The Independent


Is it true that every life is the stuff of novels? Or are some people just too ordinary?

This is the question a struggling Parisian writer asks when he challenges himself to write about the first person he sees when he steps outside his apartment. Secretly hoping to meet the beautiful woman who occasionally smokes on his street, he instead sets eyes on octogenarian Madeleine. She’s happy to become the subject of his project, but first she needs to put her shopping away?

Wondering if his project is doomed to be hopelessly banal, he soon finds himself tangled in the lives of Madeleine’s family. Though calm on the surface, the Martins have secrets, troubles and woes, and the writer discovers that the most compelling story is that of an ordinary life.


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