Pip and the Bamboo Path


In the great forested heights of the Himalayas, Pip and her family are in trouble when the bamboo forest they call home is destroyed. They are forced to flee, and Pip becomes separated from the group and must continue on her own. She has to gather the courage to carry on through the long cold journey in order to reunite with her family and friends. Will they be able to begin their new lives in a strange new place?

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Homeward Bound meets Finding Nemo in this heartfelt tale about family, community and survival, featuring the world’s most adorable endangered animal: the red panda.

In the great forested heights of the Himalayas, many species live peacefully, but their lives are changing forever as humans cut down the trees that they call home. When Pip and her mother realize they are no longer safe in their familiar forest, the two red pandas embark on a journey to find the Bamboo Path, which should lead them to a new home. But the long road ahead is full of unfamiliar places, hidden dangers, and something neither Pip, nor her mother, has ever seen before–a bustling city.

This story is a charming tale of perseverance, which also highlights the plight of the endangered red pandas, who are losing their homes to deforestation.

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