Life in Pieces: Dawn O’Porter


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Author Dawn O’Porter Published by HarperCollins Publishers ISBN 0008431876 EAN 9780008431877 BIC Code Cover Hardback

‘Dear 2020 – can we just start over? Love Dawn x’

LIFE IN PIECES is a book for anyone who’s been thrown into a life they didn’t plan, or who just wants to stick it to 2020. When it looks like everything’s falling apart, we’ll piece it back together.

From reflections on grief and identity, bad hair and parenting, sleep and spirituality, to the things we can control and the things we cannot, Dawn has been doing a lot of thinking about life in lockdown. Mostly from a cupboard. Discover the daily diaries that track the journey – for a hilarious, heartbreaking and highly entertaining glimpse into the new normal.

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