Hilda’s Book Of Beasts And Spirits


Release date: March 1st 2021

We have a strictly limited number of very special A5 prints by Jason Chan P.L. to go with this gorgeous new volume from the Trolberg Library – essential for Hilda fans!

Available for click and collect and UK delivery.

Only 1 left in stock


Emily Hibbs & Jason Chan P.L., based on the Hildafolk series by Luke Pearson

Deep in the Trolberg Library is a book that tells of giants and elves, woffs and deer foxes, and all manner of creatures from the Wilderness to the centre of town. Dedicated adventurers can find out all about them from Hilda’s very own copy of the book – and she’s made a lot of helpful additions! For fans of Netflix’s hit animated Hilda series, this gorgeous illustrated guide to magical beings from the Wood Man to giant hounds will keep young adventurers spellbound. Stunning paintings of each beast or spirit are paired with surprising information and extra detail about their lives and habits.

Hardback, 80 pages

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