Lists Of Literary Distinction: Fiction for Pride



All the books on our Fiction for Pride list:

Didn’t Nobody Give A Shit What Happened to Carlotta, by James Hannaham

Nevada, by Imogen Binnie

Chase of the Wild Goose, by Mary Gordon

Love in the Big City, by Sang Young Park

After Sappho, by Selby Wynn Schwartz

Sterling Karat Gold, by Isabel Waidner

Tomb of Sand, by Geetanjali Shree

The Opposite of a Person, by Lieke Marsman

City of Night, by John Rechy

Milk Fed, by Melissa Broder

Ruth & Pen, by Emilie Pine

The Great Mistake, by Jonathan Lee

Woman on the Edge of Time, by Marge Piercy

Our Wives Under the Sea, by Julia Armfield

Filthy Animals, by Brandon Taylor

Paul Takes The Form Of A Mortal Girl, by Andrea Lawlor

The Fat Lady Sings, by Jacqueline Roy

Since I Laid My Burden Down, by Brontez Purnell

Giovanni’s Room, by James Baldwin

Detransition, Baby, by Torrey Peters

The Adventures of China Iron, by Gabriela Cabezón Cámara

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