Andres Barba: A Luminous Republic (pre-order)


Release date: August 6th 2020

We were huge fans of Barba’s last work, Such Small Hands – and the follow-up looks to be every bit as tense and beautiful.

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A new novel from a Spanish literary star about the arrival of feral children to a tropical city in Argentina, and the quest to stop them from pulling the place into chaos.

San Cristobal was an unremarkable citysmall, newly prosperous, contained by rain forest and river. But then the children arrived.

No one knew where they came from: thirty-two kids, seemingly born of the jungle, speaking an unknown language. At first they scavenged, stealing food and money and absconding to the trees.

But their transgressions escalated to violence, and then the city’s own children began defecting to join them. Facing complete collapse, municipal forces embark on a hunt to find the kids before the city falls into irreparable chaos.

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