Unusual & beautiful picture books

Buying a present for a little person and don’t want to duplicate? These are our favourite off-the-beaten-track picture books for kids, featuring lesser-known artists and writers, distinctive and special stories.

Little Oleg, by Margaret & John Cort

Originally published back in the 1960s, this striking and gorgeously repackaged picture book is about two friends who learn to help one another out. It’s charming and tricksy in the best possible way.

Taxi Ride with Victor, by Sara Trofa and Elsa Klever

Intergalactic lunacy courtesy of everyone’s favourite forgetful taxi driver, Victor, who needs a bit of help getting his fares to where they need to be…

The Dog That Ate the World, by Sandra Diekmann

As proud owners of a bookshop dog with a healthy appetite, we couldn’t resist this beautifully drawn and gently silly picture book about, yep, a dog that ate the world.

Goliath: The Boy Who Was Different, by Ximo Abadia

Showing sensitively that there are many more ways to express yourself than the usual, this stunning and simple hardback is a great lesson for anyone who feels slightly out of place in the world.

Shy Ones, by Simona Caraolo

A story about a tiny little flapjack octopus who doesn’t like to cause a fuss. But being shy doesn’t mean he doesn’t make a great friend – and this book proves that even the quietest people are just as awesome as the noisy ones.

Penpals Forever, by CK Smouha & J Lindenberger

Just because one of you is a mouse and the other is an elephant doesn’t mean you can’t have the perfect epistolary relationship. Beautiful, design-y visuals that kids and adults will love together.

When’s My Birthday, by Julie Fogliano & Christian Robinson

When kids get wind that their birthday is coming up, you know there are going to be questions… for anyone dealing with this issue, this is the perfect and perfectly sensitive celebration of celebrating yourself.

If I Had A Dinosaur, by Gabby Dawnay & Alex Barrow

The ‘I want a pet’ conversation reaches an irresistibly sweet new level with this surprisingly practical breakdown of what measures need to be in place if you want a pet dinosaur. Feeding requirements, travel benefits and even dino flap installation are all covered…

I Am Bat, by Morag Hood

He is bat. He loves cherries. There is nothing else to this story, and that’s exactly why we love it.

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